The Reality of Cockfighting: It’s Not as Fun as You Might Think

In many parts of the world, cockfighting is a popular form of entertainment. People place bets on which bird will win and sometimes even train their own birds to fight. Although it may seem like harmless fun, there is a dark side to cockfighting that most people are unaware of. Read on to learn more about this brutal bloodsport.

The Birds Involved in Cockfights Suffer Terribly

Cockfights usually involve two gamecocks—male chickens that have been bred specifically for fighting. These birds typically weigh between 4 and 7 pounds and have sharp metal spurs attached to their feet. The spurs are sometimes poisonous, making the fights even more dangerous for the birds. So, now check s888.

During a fight, the birds slash at each other with their razor-sharp claws and beaks. The injuries they sustain are often severe, and many birds die as a result of their injuries. In fact, it’s not uncommon for one or both birds to be killed during a cockfight. Those that survive often suffer from cuts, puncture wounds, broken bones, and internal bleeding.

Cockfights Are Illegal in Most Places

Cockfights are illegal in all 50 US states and in most developed countries. However, they still take place in many parts of the world, particularly in developing countries where animal welfare laws are not as strict. For example, cockfights are legal in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and some parts of Southeast Asia.

Cockfights Are Associated With Criminal Activity

Because cockfights are illegal in most places, they are often held in secret. This means that they are often associated with criminal activity such as gambling, drugs, and violence. Cockfights also attract unsavory characters, such as drug dealers and gangs, which can make them dangerous for everyone involved.


As you can see, most people are unaware of the dark side of cockfighting. The birds involved suffer terribly, and the fights attract unsavory characters who are often associated with criminal activity.

Although cockfights may seem like harmless fun, they are anything but. Next time you’re tempted to place a bet on a cockfight, remember the birds’ suffering and find another form of entertainment instead.